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Today, I am living my dream...

My Journey

2002: I came to India and it changed my life. After many years of travelling the world, exploring countries, cultures and people, I stopped being a seeker. India allowed me to settle. I found peace that I could feel it in my heart. It could have been any country, but it was India.


2005: I found the ashtanga practice.


2012: I became the manager (now director) of Purple Valley Yoga Center, one of the leading ashtanga retreats in the world.


Today: I am living my dream.

What is Yoga for me?

For me, yoga is a way of living. The asana practice is my meditation. Through slow movements on the mat synchronized with soft breathing, I bring my body and mind into a state of stillness. The practice is a meeting with my internal self - just me and my mat. Each morning, six days a week, for the past 15 years, and all the remaining years to come. 

The asana practice cultivates observation and concentration. I notice the pause between each of my inhalations and exhalations. It makes me strong, both mentally and physically. The ultimate purpose of the yoga practice is to create good - to give without expectations and accept without conditions, to love.

Practice starts always with insight - looking within. Observation and concentration on the mat become observation and concentration in daily life. My strength on the mat is my strength in life. The pause between each breath is the pause in the day.

There are different forms of yoga; it’s important to remember that yoga is not limited to the mat. It’s a tool to cultivate greater awareness and kindness in everyday life. To see beyond...







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Yoga is a TOOL...

for becoming a better person.

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